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  Spring 2024, Volume 42.1

•   60th Anniversary of the Wilderness Act, by Stacy Goss

•   Avi Kwa Ame National Monument, by David Oline

•   Brave the Wild River - Book Review, by Len Finegold

•   Bristlecone Campout, by Eric Rasmussen

•   Three Days of Canyons, by Eric Rasmussen

•   Where's the Lithium?, by David Oline


Survivor Fall 2023 Cover

•    The BLM  Proposes Sweeping New Rules..., by Nicholas Blake
•    Summer Rains by the Editor
•    Come To The Darkside, by David Oline
•    Mr. Gusty Rides the Waves, by Angie Bean
•    Desert Survivors Book Club, by Chuck McGinn
•    Nuclear Weapons and Our Deserts, by Len Finegold

Front Cover Spring 2023

•    Hills Into Holes, by Nicholas Blake
•    Campfires by Lynne Buckner
•    Owyhee Country Part One, by David Oline
•    Thacker Pass Lithiuim Mine Gets Green Light, by Lynne Buckner
•    The Mining Law of 1872, by Lynne Buckner
•    Little Known Treasures of the Argus Range, by Karen Rusiniak
•    Hawksy Walksy, by by David Oline
•    Straight To Crooked Creek, by Craig King
•    Afton Canyon/Crucero Trip Report, by Eric Rasmussen

Cover Fall Survivor 2022

•    Back To The Pass, by Lynne Buckner
•    Don't Eat Red Snow*, by Len Finegold
•    Did a Good Deed and Saw Tortoises, by Barb Bane
•    In Memoriam: Bob Ellis, by Lynne Buckner
•    Exploring the Cosos, by Craig King
•    Surviving In The Desert, by Marisa Seaman
•    Anza-Borrego '22, by Camille Cusumano
•    Three Good Canyons, by Eric Rasmussen
•    Desert's Dessert, by Eric Rasmussen

Cover Spring 2022

•    Hart Mountain Fro Beginners, by David Olinie
•    Spare Me the Details, by David Oline
•    A Desert Survivors Home Run, By Craig King
•    Scoping Comments on Proposed Drilling..., by Nicholas Blake
•    Reaching Red Rock Falls, by Bob Davis
•    On the Desert Sea, by Michelle Bashin
•    Desert Survivors + 30X30, by Janet Barth
•    Across Atlantic Ice book review, by Chuck McGinn


•    My Week In The Silver State, by Lynne Buckner
•    Getting Warmer, by Len Finegold and Nicholas Blake
•    Favorite Desert Western Movies, by Barb Bane and Chuck McGinn
•    Traipsing The Ruby Crest, by Stacy Goss
•    Small Home, Big Wheels, Disgusting Trash by David McMullen
•    In Memoriam: Sally Greensill, by Barb Bane


•    David and Goliath Face Off in the Nevada Desert, by Stacy Goss
•    Susanita and Ramona: A Female Buddy Story... , by Barb Bane
•    Ramblings from the East Side, by Kim Marcus
•    Hiking the Mojave on a Summer Sizzler, by Kaitlyn van der Zweep
•    About The Desert Tortoise, by Marc Eldridge
•    Desert Survivors Head Back to Court Over... Sage-Grouse, by Nicholas Blake
•    Small Home, Big Wheels, by David McMullen
•    Adaptations for Existence in a Very Dry Place, by Nicholas Blake


•    The First and Last Desert Survivors Trip of 2020 by Stacy Goss
•    Atlas of a Lost World... - Book Report, by Chuck McGinn
•    The Sky Went On Forever, by Robin Rome
•    Out There On My Own, by Chuck McGinn
•    Some Like It Hot, by Leonard Finegold
•    Death Valley in '49 - Book Report, by Craig King
•    African American Settlers In The Mojave Desert, by Barb Bane
•    Stuck In The Mud, by Nicholas Blake


•    The Age of Lithium, by Marc Eldridge
•    Seldom Seen, Seldom Visited, by David Oline
•    Gila Monster, by Craig King
•    Surrounded By The Light, by Cathy Luchetti
•    Wildfire Mitigation Plan for the Great Basin... , by Nicholas Blake
•    From San Francisco to Denio Junction, by Robin Rome
•    The Beginning To "The End Of Oregon", by Martina Konietzny
•    End Of Oregon Car Camp, by Kim Marcus
•    The Campfire Contessa Cooking Workshop, by Michelle Bashin
•    The Persistent Existence Of Mr. Bob, by Barb Bane
•    The Wolf Of Fox Mountain, by David Oline


•    Galloping To Disaster, by Marc Eldridge
•    Death Valley, What A Butte, by Camille Cusumano
•    Upper Paria River Backpack, by Paul Harris
•    A Rabbit And A Cat, by Stacy Goss
•    Has the Cadiz Project Finally Been KO'd?, by Nicholas Blake
•    My Desert, by Marisa Seaman
•    Desert Rats, by Craig King

Cover Promo Spring 2019

•    Desert Survivors on a Mission, by Camille Cusumano
•    Living On The Edge, by David Oline
•    Crescent Peak Wind Project Blown Away, by David McMullen
•    Balloons, Balloons, Balloons, by Birgitta Jansen
•    The Place They Come, by Nicholas Blake
•    Protecting the Salt Tram, by Neal Cassidy
•    Desert National Wildlife Refuge: More Than Just an Uninspiring Name, by Stacy Goss
•    How Not To Get Lost, by Bob Davis


Cover Promo Fall 2018

•    Spring Work Party, by Barb Bane
•    The Amazing Maze, by Neal Cassidy
•    Court Rules In Desert Survivors' Favor..., by Nicholas Blake
•    Animal Group Removes Invasive Burros..., by Marc Eldridge
•    Desert Road Trip Restaurant Reviews
•    Four Desercations and Other Mullings About the Joaquin Rocks..., by David Hull
•    The Third Wettest Spring, by Kim Marcus
•    New Dehydration Study Reveals Cognitive "Fails", by Barb Bane


•    Gold Exploration Proposal: A First Step To Destroying A Desert..., by Marc Eldridge
•    The Cosmos Motherhood & More, by Martina Koneitzny
•    Smile, You're On Amazon, by Stacy Goss
•    Solar Eclipse Adventure, by Charlene Daniels and Mike Wells
•    Nightmare On Cadiz Road, by Nicholas Blake
•    At The Top Of The Desert, photos by Lynne Buckner
•    Boundary Peak Bag, by Barb Bane
•    A Journey Through Distance, Space & Vastness, by David Oline
•    Those Who Protect These Lands, by David McMullen


•    Service Projects: Experience, Share, Protect, by Stacy Goss
•    Neglect Is Not An Option, by Craig Deutsche
•    La Foot, by Bob Davis
•    A Region of Wildest Desolation, by Charlene Daniels and Michael Wells
•    Ganging Up On The Grouse, by Nicholas Blake
•    Accessing The Fox Range, by David Oline
•    The Grand Tour: Anza-Borrego, by Craig Evans
•    Studies From The Oregon Canyon Adventure, by Robin Rome

The Survivor Spring 2017 cover

•    Desert Survivors Sue U.S.F.W.S. Over Sage-Grouse Protection, by Nicholas Blake
•    The Dawn Of Desert Survivors, by Doug Kari
•    Trout Creek Car Camp, by Lynne Buckner
•    Three Desert Readings, by Len Finegold
•    A Drive On The Mojave Road, by Chuck McGinn
•    A Desert Fish Story, by Dave Oline
•    The Squaw Springs Backpack, by Rick Eldridge


The Survivor Fall 2016 cover

•    Anza Borrego Sampler, by Lynne Buckner
•    Historic Sites in Joshua Tree Closed Due to Theft of Artifacts, by David Halligan
•    The Winning of Barbara Worth: Book Review by Stacy Goss
•    Little Petroglyph Canyon Car Camp, by Barb Bane
•    Don't Look Now But We Are In Bears Ears, By Neil Cassidy
•    Baja By Backpack and Hitchhike, by Cathy Luchetti
•    Accute Mountain Sickenss, by Bob Davis

The Survivor Spring 2016 cover

•    Three New Desert National Monuments by Nicholas Blake
•    Take The Highway That's Best, By Neal Cassidy
•    Eagle Mountians Come One Step Closer to Permanent Proection, By David Halligan
•    Benton Trip 3, By Charles McGinn
•    Do we Desert Survivors Sleep Like Hunter-Gatherers?, by Leonard Finegold
•    Chemehuevi By Canoe, by Bob Davis
•    Gold Butte––More Than Just Forage For Bundy's Cows, by Stacy Goss
•    Adventure At Lee Flat, By Chuck McGinn
•    The Desert Has It All, By Cathy Luchetti
•    Driving Thru Desert, By Sam Moorman


•    The Return to King Lear Peak, by Alice Oline
•    Snow On The 4th of July, By Nicholas Blake
•    The Other Desert Survivors, by Karen Rusiniak
•    Scrap Your Compass and G.P.S., By Leonard Finegold
•    Monitoring the Mojave, by Bob Davis
•    The Desert Bookshelf, by Deirdre Cerkanowicz
•    They Just Drive, by Nicholas Blake
•    El Immigrante, by Karen Rusiniak


•    The Dirty Stampede, by Nicholas Blake
•    Insect Eyes, by Karen Rusiniack
•    Redrock Canyon-Randsburg Car Camp, by Chris Spelcher
•    Burning Man leaves No Trace, by Darrell Hunger
•    The Marble Mountain/Trilobite Wilderness Backpack, by Bob Davis
•    Frack & Black, by David McMullen
•    On The Laughing River, by Cathy Luchetti
•    Icy Kisses and My Cold Weather Camp, by Leonard Finegold
•    Stillness and Secrets, by Martina Konietzny

The Survivor Fall 2014 Cover

•    The Trials of King Lear (Peak), by Cathy Luchetti
•    What They Left, by Barbara Bane
•    Mining Claim Markers = Death Traps for Wildlife, by Karen Rusiniack
•    Desert Survivors Ruth Bancroft Garden Tour, by Deirdre Cerkanowicz
•    My Walk In The Inyos, by Lynne Buckner
•    Mojave Service Trip, by Sam Moorman
•    The Search For The Hottest Place on Earth, by Leonard Finegold
•    Return to Survivor Canyon, by Martina Konietzny
•    Healthful Backpacking Fare, by Bob Davis

The Survivor Spring 2014 Cover

•    I Feel Naked Without My Earrings, by Jannet Schraer
•    Things I have Seen, By David McMullen
•    The Center for Biological Diversity with Desert Survivors Go to Court…  By Nicholas Blake
•    One Woman’s Reminiscence of the Glass Mountain Backpack, By Martina Konietzny
•    The Anza-Borrego Artists. Car Camp, by Elaine Schwimmer
•    In Murietta’s Den, by Lynne Buckner
•    Backpacking Culinary Craft, by Bob Davis
•    Lee Flat Car Camp, by Chuck McGinn
•    Chemehuevi Wilderness Backpack, by Bob Davis

The Survivor Fall 2013 Cover

•    The Tick Magnet and the Rattlesnake Who Came to Dinner, by Nicholas Blake
•    Ever Got Stuck In The Sand? by Lynne Buckner
•    Ancient Longhand, by Charles McGinn
•    Desert Rattlesnake Bite Risk, by Bob Davis
•    Notes From The Inyo Mountains Backpack, by Lawrence Wilson
•    Owens Valley Cable Project Violates Desert Wilderness, by Nicholas Blake
•    The Desert as an Uncurated Collection of the Built Environment, by David Hull
•    Dispatches From The Desert Trail 3, by Buck Nelson
•    On The Road Less Traveled, by Darrell Hunger
•    A Case Against Industrial Wind Farming, by David McMullen

Survivor Spring 2013 Cover

•    The Mount Whitney to Death Valley Backpack – Interview, by Nicholas Blake
•    Report From Our Annual General Meeting, by Judy Kendall
•    Clipper Mountain Monitoring Backpack, by Bob Davis
•    Is Death Valley The Hottest Place On Earth? by Leonard Finegold
•    The Things I Learned On The Mono Lake Kayak Trip, by Nicholas Blake
•    Ever Got A Car Stuck In Sand? By Len Finegold
•    Dispatches From The Desert Trail 2, by Buck Nelson
•    Allure of the Desert and Stimulus Hunger, by David Hull
•    Desert Survivors Joins Protest of BLM Plan for Algodones Dunes, by Jillian Blake

Survivor Fall 12 Cover

•    The Search For A Distant Cactus, by Bob Davis
•    Dispatches From The Desert Trail 1, by Buck Nelson
•    Proposal to Mow 17,000 Acres in Bodie Hills Continues, by Cactus Wren
•    The Fairy Castles of Mono Lake, By Nicholas Blake
•    Whipple Two Caves Trip, by Bob Davis
•    Death Valley National Park Management Plan for Saline..., by Dave McMullen
•    Butt-Dam Falls: A Green River Adventure, by Michelle Bashin
•    Why The Turtles? by Bob Davis