Backpacking In The Desert

We Backpack in the Desert

Contrary to popular belief, it's possible to backpack in the desert. Many people assume the desert to be an inhospitable place; this is due to perpetuated clichés found in books, movies and other media, and the real fact that in summertime the temperatures in many deserts are dangerously hot.  During the seasons from mid-Fall to mid-Spring, the climate is usually temperate in the desert and one can safely venture into the outback.  Desert Survivors sponsors backpacking trips into the American deserts during these times.

A desert is defined by the fact that it receives less rainfall than other environments so water from natural sources is scarce. This is the main concern for trekking by foot in the desert; but as with any outdoor, wilderness activity, with adequate preparation desert backpacking is within the reach of just about everyone.  Desert Survivors trip leaders are experienced and skilled in backpacking in arid lands and they can  guide you to wonderful places that can only be reached by foot.  Our leaders are Wilderness First Aid certified.

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There is something for everyone in the desert: geology, minerals, plants, wildlife, history and some truly awesome scenery.  City dwellers especially, find respite in the tranquility of the desert wilderness vistas.  

Desert Survivors has been leading desert trips since the 1980's.  In our Trips & Events page you can probably find an excursion that will meet your skill level and interests.  First time desert hikers are especially encouraged to join our trips.

For information on gear for desert backpacking and camping: Backpacking Checklist