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Spring 2017, Volume 36.1

Fall 2016, Volume 35.2

Spring 2016, Volume 35.1

  • Three New Desert National Monuments by Nicholas Blake
  • Take The Highway That's Best, By Neal Cassidy
  • Eagle Mountians Come One Step Closer to Permanent Proection, By David Halligan
  • Benton Trip 3, By Charles McGinn
  • Do we Desert Survivors Sleep Like Hunter-Gatherers?, by Leonard Finegold
  • Chemehuevi By Canoe, by Bob Davis
  • Gold Butte––More Than Just Forage For Bundy's Cows, by Stacy Goss
  • Adventure At Lee Flat, By Chuck McGinn
  • The Desert Has It All, By Cathy Luchetti
  • Driving Thru Desert, By Sam Moorman

Fall 2015, Volume 34.2

  • The Return to King Lear Peak, by Alice Oline
  • Snow On The 4th of July, By Nicholas Blake
  • The Other Desert Survivors, by Karen Rusiniak
  • Scrap Your Compass and G.P.S., By Leonard Finegold
  • Monitoring the Mojave, by Bob Davis
  • The Desert Bookshelf, by Deirdre Cerkanowicz
  • They Just Drive, by Nicholas Blake
  • El Immigrante, by Karen Rusiniak

Spring 2015, Volume 34.1

  • The Dirty Stampeed, by Nicholas Blake
  • Insect Eyes, by Karen Rusiniak
  • Red Rock Canyon-Randsburg Car Camp, by Chris Spelcher
  • Burning Man Leaves No Trace, by Darrell Hunger
  • The Marble Mountain/Trilobite Mountain Wilderness Backpack, by Bob Davis
  • Frack & Black, by Dave McMullen
  • On The Laughing River, by Cathy Luchetti
  • Icy Kisses and My Cold-Weaather Camp, by Leonard Finegold
  • Stillness and Secrets, by Martina Konietzny

Fall 2014, Volume 33.2

  • The Trials of King Lear (Peak), by Cathy Luchetti
  • What They Left, by Barbara Bane
  • Mining Claim Markers = Death Traps for Wildlife, by Karen Rusiniak
  • Desert Survivors Ruth Bancroft Garden Tour, by Deirdre Cerkanowicz
  • My Walk In the Inyos, by Lynne Buckner
  • Mojave Service Trip, by Sam Moorman
  • The Search for the Hottest Place On Earth, by Len Finegold
  • The Return to Survivor Canyon, by Martina Konietzny
  • Healthful Backpacking Fare, by Bob Davis
Spring 2014, Volume 33.1

  • I Feel Naked Without My Earrings, by Jannet Schraer
  • Things I Have Seen, by David McMullen
  • The Center For Biological Diversity with Desert Survivors... Go To Court, by Nicholas Blake
  • One Woman's Reminiscene of the Glass Mountain Backpack, by Martina Konietzny
  • The Anza Borrego Artist's Car Camp, by Elaine Schwimmer
  • In Murietta's Den, by Lynne Buckner
  • Backpacking Culinary Craft, by Bob Davis
  • Lee Flat Car Camp, by Chuck McGinn
  • Chemehuevi Wilderness Backpack, by Bob Davis
Fall 2013, Volume 32.2

  • The Tick Magnet and the Rattlesnake Who Came to Dinner, by Nicholas Blake
  • Ever Got Your Car Stuck In Sand?, by Lynne Buckner
  • Ancient Longhand, by Chuck McGinn
  • Desert Rattlesnake Risk, by Robert Davis M.D.
  • Notes From The Inyo Mountains Backpack, by Lawrence Wilson
  • Owens Valley Cable Project Violates Desert Wilderness, by Editor
  • The Desert as an Uncurated Collection of the Built Environment, by David Hull
  • Dispatches From the Desert Trail (Pt.3), by Buck Nelson
  • On The Road Less Traveled, by Darrell Hunger
  • A Case Against Industrial Wind Farming, by David McMullen

Spring 2013, Volume 32.1

  • The Mt. Whitney to Death Valley Backpack, An Interview with the Survivors
  • Report From Our Annual General Meeting, by Judy Kendall
  • Clipper Mt. Monitoring Backpack, by Bob Davis
  • Is Death Valley The Hottest Place On Earth? by Leonard Finegold
  • The Things I Learned On The Mono Lake Kayak Trip, by Nicholas Blake
  • Ever Got Stuck In The Sand? by Leonard Finegold
  • Dispatches From The Desert Trail (Pt. 2), by Buck Nelson
  • Allure of the Desert and Stimulus Hunger, by David Hull
  • Desert Survivors Joins Protest of BLM Plan for Algodones Dunes, by Jillian Blake

 Fall 2012, Volume 31.2

  • The Search for a Distant Cactus, by Bob Davis
  • Dispatches From The Desert Trail, by Buck Nelson
  • Proposal to Mow 17,000 Acres in the Bodie Hills, by Cactus Wren
  • The Fairy Castles of Mono Lake, by Nicholas Blake
  • Whipple Two Caves Trip, by Bob Davis
  • Management Plan for Saline Warm Springs, by Dave McMullen
  • Butt-Dam Falls: A Green River Adventure, by Michelle Bashin
  • Why the Turtles, by Bob Davis

Summer 2007, Volume 26, #2

5.4 MBClick to download PDF file

  • Letters: Don’t Mess With Virtual Wilderness, Mountain Mishap
  • New Editor and Art Director
  • Desert Pavements and Dust by Marith Reheis
  • These Are the Things I Have Seen Today by Chris Schiller
  • A Horse Fable by Stan Huncilman
  • Castle Peaks Carcamp, Mojave NP by Steve Tabor
  • Western AZ’s Arrastra Mountains Wilderness by Steve Tabor
  • Exploring the Eastern Sierra and Nevada by Bill Johansson
  • How To Extricate a Car From Sand by Leonard Finegold
  • On Manners by Miss Cactus
  • AP Article on Steve Fossett Quotes Desert Survivor
  • Haiku Poems by Jeff Parker
  • Vision Fast Poems by Roger Appelgate
  • Song: Death Valley Dreamin’ by Marith Reheis
  • Antioch Dunes Service Project by Karen Rusiniak

Spring 2007, Volume 26, #1

2.9 MB Click to download PDF file

  • Benton Bash II
  • Desert Survivors Annual Meeting
  • Desert Conference
  • Letter: Sempra Ends Black Rock Coal Plant Project
  • Desert Survivors Goes To The Green Festival!
  • Art Show; Call For Artists
  • DS at 2007 Whole Earth Festival
  • Anza-Borrego Carcamp
  • Wind Wolves Preserve Service Trips
  • Halloran Summit to Miller Spring on CA Desert Trail
  • Black Rock Mountains and Beyond
  • Eagle Sighting in Black Rock Range
  • Temblor Range Rescue
  • Gentle Predator Of The Southern Desert: The Tarantula
  • Rolling Down The Wash: The Smoke Tree
  • Game Guzzlers Proposed For Indian Pass Wilderness

Winter 2006, Volume 25, #4

3.6 MB Click to download PDF file

  • Desert Survivors History: The Bighorn Logo
  • Letter: Steens Mistakes
  • Desert Conference November 3
  • Incredible Desert 25th Anniversary Event
  • I'm a Survivor (song)
  • The Saga of Desert Survivors
  • Organizers Of 25th Anniversary Events
  • Petroglyphs (poetry)
  • Desert Survivors Histo ry, 1995-2006
  • Service and Monitoring Trips, 1994-200 6
  • Trip Statistics, 1989-2006
  • A New Beginning For The Carrizo Plain
  • Early Spring in Carrizo Plain (poetry)
  • The Metamorphosis of a Leave No Trace Master
  • A Short Road Trip Loop Through West-Central Nevada
  • Chuckwalla Mountains Wilderness Carcamp
  • South Turtles Backpack
  • Reflections on the Mecca Hills Christmas Carcamp
  • Desert Issues


  • Communities Organize Against OHV Abuse by Philip M. Klasky
  • The Owyhee Desert by Laura Pace
  • A Lifetime In The Desert: A Conversation with Bob Greenawalt Part 2 by George Huxtable
  • Wilderness Monitoring Reports
  • Trip Reports
  • Gerlach Power Plant


  • Hardcore Desert Hiking in Israel and Jordan by Jessica Rothhaar
  • Bedouins of the Sinai by Tamia Marg
  • Trip Reports for Devil's Hole to Badwater Backpack, Green Tortoise to Death Valley, Daisy Picking in the Panamints, Hunter Mountain Backpack, Hart Mountain Carcamp and Pedaling and Pushing in the White Mountains
  • The Poetry Page: Some Reflections on a Week in Escalante, Utah and Road from Utah by Elaine Schwimmer


  • Remembering Fields of Wildflowers by Steve Tabor
  • The Woman was Incredulous by Bob Hallstrom
  • Peril In The Panamints by Dave McMullen
  • Using a GPS On The Desert Trail by Bob Ellis


  • Namibia: The Other Promised Land by Judith L. Kendall
  • Five Days in the Moroccan Desert by Ron Cohen
  • Trip Reports for Lava Beds Carcamp, Waucoba Peak Backpack, Rhyolite Ridge Carcamp, Bodie Ghost Town and Lunar Crater Carcamp
  • The Poetry Page: Surprise Way by Sam Moorman and Mojave River by Albert Geiser

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