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If you enjoy outdoor activities such as camping, hiking, desert flowers, desert wildlife, exploring new and often undiscovered areas of our deserts with a group of similar minded people, then then Desert Survivors is for you!  Desert Survivors membership is one person per membership.

Star gazing in the clean and quiet desert night is an experience never to be forgotten! There are so many stars you cannot begin to count them. Hiking under the light of the moon is an experience you can master in the desert. You can begin to understand what the pioneers experienced when traveling on foot to California. You can experience the tops of lofty desert mountains, and the bottoms of deep canyons, the wildlife of the desert, or just the peace and the companionship. You can learn and use new skills, such as navigation and map reading, the identification of flora and fauna, the political realities of the agencies that administer the desert land, and what it takes to be an effective advocate.

Desert Survivors trip leaders are trained, seasoned, and knowledgeable of desert life and activity. Desert Survivors members become part of a nation-wide network of savvy desert hikers and activists. Desert Survivor members are of all ages and all backgrounds: no one is too old or infirm to enjoy or to defend the desert.

Membership benefits include:

Membership dues are just $30/year, although additional donations are welcome.  Each membership applies to one individual adult.

To join or renew using a credit card or debit card, please CLICK HERE .

To join or renew by personal check please CLICK HERE.  Fill out this form and mail it to Desert Survivors, P.O. Box 20991, Oakland CA 94620.