Desert Hiking

Contrary to popular belief, it's possible to hike and even backpack in the desert. Many people assume the desert to be an inhospitable, arid place; this is due to perpetuated cliches found in books, movies and other media. A desert is defined by the fact that it recieves less rainfall than other environments so water is more scarce; this is the main concern of desert hiking and traveling. As with any outdoor, wilderness activity, a person needs adequate conditioning and proper preparation -desert hiking is within the reach of just about everyone.

When a person first begins hiking in the desert their preconcieved beliefs and fears begin to melt away. At first glance, the desert does seem like a dry and harsh place, most people stop looking after this first impression. For those who venture further, a wonderous place of fragile beauty awaits.

Desert Survivors has been leading desert trips since the 1980's. In our trips pages you can find a trip(s) that meet your skill level and interests; first time desert hikers are encouraged to try our trips. Our trip leaders have years of experience and WFR certificaiton.There is something for everyone in the desert: geology, minerals, plants, wildlife, history and some truly awsome scenery; City dwellers espescialy, find repsite in the tranquility of the desert.

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