About Desert Survivors

Desert Survivors is a non-profit organization founded in 1981 with the mission of experiencing, sharing and protecting desert wilderness.

Recognizing that the places they love to explore will not remain wild unless they give others the opportunity to experience them, Desert Survivors is committed to actively monitoring and preserving desert wilderness.

In addition to its advocacy work, Desert Survivors leads backpacking trips and car camps for people of all levels of skill and fitness, as well as offering courses in beginning backpacking. Desert Survivors has 400+ members, primarily in California and Nevada.

Desert Survivors is a desert conservation group currently based out of Oakland, CA. Originally set up in 1981 by a group of U.C. Berkeley Law students, its activities and direction have evolved in many ways since then.

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Members of Desert Survivors are committed to experiencing and preserving the desert's unique beauty and value. The activities of the group fall into 3 broad categories: field trips, campaigning for desert-related issues and social events.

Members receive our journal, The Survivor–– a testament to their desert experiences with reports of recent trips, book reviews, campaign news and details of their efforts to address the important desert conservation issues of the day.

Periodically, "Alert!" notices are dispatched which describe how members can assist with conservation and other efforts.

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Social Activities

Networking with other desert lovers is an important reason for many to join the group. Parties are held throughout year and feature potluck dinners, slideshows and plenty of desert stories.  Activities such as these put you in touch with like-minded people.

Desert Survivors is a Volunteer organization - whatever skills or labor you can offer is appreciated! You can write articles for The Survivor, join our service trips or monitoring trips, take part in outreach activities, write letters supporting desert conservation to government agenies or representatives or become a trip leader.