Desert Survivors is an affiliation of desert lovers committed to experiencing, sharing and protecting desert wilderness wherever we find it. We recognize the places we love to explore will not remain wild unless we give others the opportunity to experience them as we do and unless we remain vigilant and active in our efforts to monitor and preserve them.

Winter snowfalls in the Mojave Desert.  November and December 2019 saw several major snowstorms in the Southern California deserts.  The snow melts slowly, percolating water into the soil making for conditions that often produce abundant wildflowers in the spring.   No one (yet) is forecasting a "super bloom" but wildflower lovers are optimistic that this could be a special year.   You can get the latest information about wildflower conditions by going to this DesertUSA website.  Desert Survivors sponsors trips to places with beautiful wildflower blooms.  Please check out our Trips Page for information about these excursions and join us in experiencing nature's floral bounty.

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Image: Maynard Dixon, Cloud World 1925, Oil painting .   Courtesy of  Adrien Ruger Conzelman

The new year is here and the winter season with its cool temperatures makes the southern deserts suitable for wilderness adventures.   We are sponsoring several car camps, a service trip in Joshua Tree National Park, a desert backpack in Anza-Borrego and events in the Bay Area.   Keep checking this website and your email for new trips that may become available.  There are plenty of activities in the works.  We want you to be a part of them.  

For more information on these trips and events please go to our TRIPS PAGE.