Desert Survivors is an affiliation of desert lovers committed to experiencing, sharing and protecting desert wilderness wherever we find it. We recognize the places we love to explore will not remain wild unless we give others the opportunity to experience them as we do and unless we remain vigilant and active in our efforts to monitor and preserve them.


A study based on NASA satellite data identified the Lut Desert in Iran as the "thermal pole" of Earth––the place where the highest surface temperatures of the planet are found.   On July 16, 2018 a surface temperature of 177F was recorded here.  The Lut is an incredible and mysterious environment.

These photos of the Lut Desert were taken by U.C. Irvine professor Amir Aghakouchak during a 2017 trip.  He writes, "I am truly obsessed with desert environments, and landscapes like this inspire me the most."

Sand dunes are shaped by the wind.  Barchan is a crescent-shaped dune with two curved arms (or legs) pointing in the direction of the dominant wind.  Seif is another type of dune with a long ridge of sand formed parallel to the direction of the prevailing wind.  In the Lut Desert you can find a vast stretch of different types of sand dunes. 

You can view more of Mr.
Aghakouchak's wonderful photos on his  Instagram site.

Like Professor
Aghakouchak, Desert Survivors members find grace and meaning in arid lands. We sponsor excursions to the desert and host desert-related events for the education, recreation and scientific purposes of our members and the public.  Become a member of  Desert Survivors and join us in our appreciation of these dry, stark, beautiful places.

Desert Survivors Board of Directors 2020-2021

On October 11, 2020 during the Desert Survivors Annual General Meeting the new Board of Directors was announced. Because of Covid 19 restrictions of people gathering in groups, the meeting was held virtually via the internet.  Voting for individuals and positions is difficult to do online, so a slate of candidates was presented to the membership before the event for an up or down vote.  The following people were affirmed by Desert Survivors members as its Board of Directors 2020-2021. 

President - Michelle Bashin
Activities Director - Marisa Seaman
Communications Director - Nick Blake
Managing Director - Michael Goertz
Secretary - Craig King
Volunteer Director - Charlene Daniels
Directors At-Large -  Barb Bane, Stacy Goss, Chuck McGinn, David McMullen, Kevin Pope, Michael Wells.   


Because of the dangers of the Coronavirus epidemic and our interest in the well-being of Desert Survivors members, the board of directors has suspended 2020 group trips and events. 

When the welfare of all becomes more certain, and people can safely get together in groups, Desert Survivors will resume its program of desert excursions and related events. We cannot wait to get back out there. 

We thank you for your understanding.  Good health, and happy deserts to all.